Our Hotel

Is a project that began 16 years ago, focused on ecotourism and environmental preservation.

Polylepis Lodge includes the magical encounter of two unique ecosystems in the world: the Polylepis Forest and Paramo Frailejones. The result of this merger is a spectacular hotel high aground in the middle of this fascinating environment.

For its conservation philosophy, it is a Private and Protected Reserve in the Ecuadorian Andes, which through the ecotourism seeks to protect the last remaining primary and millenarian Polylepis Forest in the world.

At the same time, through the eco-tourism and with the community support, we ensure the conservation of wetlands, diffuse to each visitor the value and importance of this reserve, and focus on the development and improvement of social and environmental quality of the adjacent area of the Ecological Reserve “El Angel” ,Carchi Province, where it is located.

Social Area

It is a renovated space in which we have taken care of every detail to make your stay unforgettable.

You can share with your companions and guests some activities such as: reading, resting or having a pleasant conversation, in this comfortable and welcoming environment which is warm with the heat of the fireplace.


Your stay includes breakfast. In addition, you will not be able to miss all our specialties and varieties of the Menu.


A Special place for unfotgettable events with added value you won´t find in any other hotel. We also have a conference room and different ambient areas, for companies that seek a place to mix harmonically work with a natural environment.


Over the years our hotel has earned several nominations and awards at national and international level, becoming itself as a leading hotel on environmental conservation.

In 2000 Polylepis Lodge was founded as an ecological tourism project. Since then, a lot of things have happened:

• 2004 Smart Voyager Certification
• 2006 “Conservation and Development” Certification.
• 2008 World Fair – ITB Berlin, Special Guest as Ecuador Representative.
• 2010 First member of the European network RUSTICAE LATIN AMERICA “The Good life Company”
• 2012 Tripadvisor recommended N1
• 2013 Tripadvisor recommended N1
• 2014 Tripadvisor recommended N1
• 2015 Tripadvisor recommended N1
• 2015 After 10 years of support for national and international researchers, the first scientific Study of Rodent Mammals of the Andes in the Forest of Polylepis is captured. It was printed and presented at the Academic and Research Congress in Argentina and Australia. Two new mammals were discovered in this forest.
• 2015 Winner of “FAVORITE HOUSING IN ECUADOR” Award. Nominated as the best hotel in the country; award given by national vote.
• 2015 Publication in the South American Supplement of National Geographic.

We will continue with our excellent environmental project!